Set Iparams in serverless app


I have an app that is implemented SSO through PGP Key. During installation, I want to generate automatically the PGP pair of keys and store it into the secure iparams. After the keys are generated, the app will be installed.
In case of the key expired, I want to generate the new pairs of keys, and store them into the iparams through SMI in the serverless app. Can I set the iparams?

I have read the topic β€œIs it possible to set an iparam from on our install handler with serverless app? - App Development - Freshworks Developer Community”, and it looks like I can not set the iparams, and they are read-only on the server.
However, I can not find a workaround for my purpose. Would you mind suggesting me a way to do this? Where should I store the key which could be secured and can be used when installation?

Thank you very much.
Nhat Nguyen

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Hi @Nhat_Nguyen

You are correct that app iparams are only meant to be read-only.
Perhaps a solution with the Data Storage feature and some form of encryption by the backend app (to secure it) would be something you might want to consider