Set the To, CC and BCC addresses in the New Email page

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Is it possible to automatically set the value of the “To”, “Bcc” and “Cc” addresses in the New Email page in Freshdesk? I do not see an option to set the BCC and CC addresses and the option to set the To address using requesterclient.interface.trigger ("setValue", {id: "requester", value: ""}) does not seem to work.

In Freshdesk ticket templates, it is not possible to set the To, Bcc and Cc addresses and so I would like to create a custom app to set these addresses depending on the values of other ticket fields.


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Is there an update on this?

@Leah_James, Sorry for the delay we are checking with Freshdesk team to dive a bit more into this. I will have @shravan.balasubraman keep you posted on top of this in this thread. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update, @Saif!

We received an update from the :freshdesk: team on top of this.

The above are the only fields mentioned those are possible. That said, to allow setting to and bcc fields via interface methods are considered to be feature requests. At the moment, I would convert this to feedback category.


Thank you for the update, @Saif!