Setting Freshdesk JWT SSO login in ruby on rails

I want to give possibility to my admin user to login into freshdesck account from our site. So if admin click on support link inside our admin module we log them in automatically and redirect to If I have understood correctly, this can be achieved by using SSO JWT (Freshworks support)

I added SSO as our default login method and also entered our RSA public key and our Authorization URL ( and there give us redirect url (

Problem is, I don’t have idea how to continue on. What should I do in my application to connect everything together? It is rails 4 application. Any help or clue will come in handy. also if I need to further explain or give more information, I will be happy to do so

@vuka.mateo ,
Good Day!
seems like this is a query for the freshdesk product.
Kindly create the L2 support ticket ( to get your query resolved.