Setting up custom blocks in Freshdesk articles

We are just exploring Freshdesk currently and came across the custom blocks Freshworks is adding to all their support articles, indicating whether a certain feature is available in several Freshdesk plans:

We’d like to know whether we can set up such blocks as well which might be unique to every page. We have a few JavaScript components that we’d like to show on some pages. We are currently using GatsbyJS where it is possible to import React components on support pages for example:

We have development capacity available, so if this means we’ll need to write our own Freshdesk plugin or something, we’re happy to do that.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @dennisameling,

Custom Objects are introduced in Freshdesk to change the default naming convention of tickets for every business into a specific entity with related fields as its properties. This doesn’t involve any custom development to include any blocks.

If you would like to check how you can customize Freshdesk to add any custom components, you can check out building Freshworks apps. You can also build apps in React framework.
Only specific placeholders can be used to add these custom codes as Freshworks apps. Solution articles are not one of them.

Let us know what do you exactly want to achieve and we can try to point you to the right resource if it’s possible.

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Thanks for the info @Raviraj! That is certainly useful to know if we want to build apps on the agent side of things. :blush:

Like you mentioned, solution articles are exactly the place we’re looking for in this case. We have some custom JavaScript application that we want to include on certain solution article pages. For now, we’ll just host it on our own platform and use iFrames in the solution articles. It gets the job done for now.

Could you please add a feature request for also being able to add custom JavaScript to the solution articles directly, just like we can do for the other placeholders? Thanks!

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@dennisameling I will certainly add a feature request to add custom JavaScript to the Solution articles.

Do you want it to be in the Solution articles or to be a fixed placeholder on the right side whenever solution articles are opened?

Thank you! Being able to put it directly in the articles (as a custom block basically) would be perfect, but if it’s easier to implement this on the right side of the screen, that should work for us as well. :rocket:

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Understood. Thank you for sharing your requirement in detail. I will pass this as feedback to the respective product team.
But, we cannot provide a timeline for it. Please proceed with your alternative for the time being.