Signout from Oauth2 third party

Hi Team,

I implemented an Application with a third party service. They are having Oauth2, so I am using the Freshdesk oauth_config.json file and able to do authorization. But I want to provide a signout feature since the third party will be able to send the signout response to the endpoints I want to test the same with Freshdesk. Is there any way to do have a signout feature in Freshdesk?

Also, Can I read the token from .fdk/localstore file for account level token?


Please correct me if I am wrong.

You are building an app, that uses our platform’s OAuth2 capabilities via oauth_config.json. As the 3rd party is that you are trying to integrate with supports signout feature, you are looking for a way to (maybe) allow app user to sign out on demand.

If it flexible with you, Can you share with an example use case of how a sign out capability will be helpful. Agent who is using the Freshdesk app might have two or more 3rd party accounts? Or of that sort?

Have you explored Agent Level Oauth > Token Type?

Yes, you can read the token from .fdk/localstore for account level as far as local development is concerned and browser’s local storage for agent level.

Hi @Saif

I am using “account” in Token Type and my account admin making Authorization. We want to make signout from 3rd party once it’s not required for a while without disabling the app. Is it possible in Freshdesk?

Is it like normal file read to get token from .fdk/localstore for my account level type?

Hello @Dineshkumar_Ravichan,

Sorry, if this is getting a bit delayed. I trying to find out if there can be any possiblity. Also, I have few more doubts that you can help with.

  1. Is there any specific reason why Agent level OAuth is not being used? Or App by design requires account level?
  2. Yes, localstore is like normal file that is used by CLI to store essential information while local testing.

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