Simple application with connection to standard API

I need an application that implements a query to an API with user data ( phone , email ) and displays the HTML result in the sidebar. It is something simple and before doing it and publishing it I would like to know if it already exists so as not to reinvent the wheel.
Do you know of the existence of something similar with these functions?

Hey @Victor_Casajuana_Mas,
This is a very simple app but I doubt something that works with your specific API would need you to build it as a custom app and deploy it. If it’s an integration with SaaS product, took into our Freshworks Marketplace.

You can refer the request-method-samples/sample-app at main · freshworks-developers/request-method-samples · GitHub which demonstrates the same using Star Wars API.

Thanks for the reply.
But I think an App on the FreshDesk Marketplace that simply makes a request to a third party API and then shows the returned information in the sidebar, can give a lot of flexibility for quick integration of third party API’s.
If it doesn’t exist, can I create it and publish it on the Freshdesk marketplace?

I don’t think something like this is available on Marketplace. But do search for it.

Absolutely!! You can create one and publish, ensure you follow the Freshworks Developer Docs | Freshworks app ecosystem

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Thank you very much, I will create it and publish it so that the rest of the community can use it.
Thank you!

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