Small app needed - can not find a demo app to start from

Im trying to make a small app and have tried a few times (a lot acctually) but can not figure it out. Now Im hopeing somone can make me a dummy app so I understand the connection.

In Freshdesk, I would like a button in the ticket bar.

This button will do one thing, open a dialogbox.

The thing I need a hand with is the following:
When pressing the send button I would like all the textfields to be send via API POST to Azure Logic. Every time I’ve tried this I get object object on the receiving end, Azure Logic.

In a nutshell: This should be possible by listening to the form’s submit event, calling event.preventDefault(), getting data from the text fields, and then using, { headers, body }) method to send the API request.

Can you share the code you have for

The body property should be a string. So you will have to JSON.stringify(data) before sending it. If you put an object there directly, it will probably not get serialized properly and end up sending [object Object] as a string.

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To add to what @kaustavdm has shared, you can check out the ticket_conversation_editor placeholder here to display the app icon in the conversation editor.

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Hello @kaustavdm

Sorry for the extrem delay in this, Hollidays :slight_smile:
I’ve looked for the application that I have rebuild 2 million times, but the last one does not have a “”. Since I do not understand how I will get it to work, I banged my head against a wall a few times.

I’ll send you what I have, and maybe you can give me some pointers.

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