Smart Plug Formatting user properties

Hello !

I am trying to create a Smartplug that combine some custom user properties that are not formatted properly to help our agents better understand with whom they are talking with.

So my question is, is it possible to format number to string. We have a series of number that corresponds to a certain website.


I would like it to be : 767676_8 replaced by Google.

Also, we have different numbers, not only one, so I would imagine it like that :

If 767676_8 then Google
else if 767676_9 then Amazon
etc etc

Thank you !

Good day! Welcome to the community
We are not able to understand your question,
can you please elaborate a bit more detail so that we will give our best solution,

  1. what is the use case you are trying to do with the app?
  2. what is the problem you are facing when you are implementing the app?


Hello @Santhosh,

Thank you for the response !

To answer your questions :

  1. I am trying to format and show some already extracted customers information from our admin to FreshChat, this information is available under the Custom User Properties, so that they are more convenient to read for our agents.

  2. Some of the information we are getting from our admin are formatted in a way of numbers, so imagine instead of getting “Google” as the website the customer is on, we are extracting our brand IDs in the form of 767676_8.
    The problem, or more the question is, is it possible in the Smart Plug to format those numbers to string, so instead of 767676_8, I will show “Google”

Here is the current test script I am using :

userID : {{user.tag.customerid}}

email : {{}}

Last Payment : {{user.tag.lastpaymentdate_day}}/

Thank you !

Hi @Paul_Paturle

If I understood correctly you want to show text instead of IDs from backend in Custom Properties Sidebar in agent portal?
I believe OOB this would not be possible however couple of workaround I can think are as following;

  1. Store the custom IDs in concatenated string e.g "767676_8 | Google " so that in the side bar they are displayed as a concatenated string.
  2. Create a Custom App and fetch the user details in App init() and format the properties as per your requirement and display them. You can hide OOB widget to show custom properties and show your custom app for custom user properties.

Hello @Sachin_Kumar

Thank you for the response, I will try the first one, which is still a bit inconvenient but very good solution.

As for creating an app, I am not sure how to do that or if I have the competencies yet :slight_smile:

Thank you again !


Thanks for the contribution, @Sachin_Kumar :slight_smile:


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