Smart Plug Or App on Freshchat?

I have a smart plug running on our freshchat but I’m reacting the limits of its capabilities can I add an app to the freshchat portal. What the easiest way to get started?

Any guidance would be helpful



Most of the documentation can be found here. Also you may want to check out some of the sample applications that have been built using the freshchat platform here.

Hope this information helps.


Hey @Zach

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve already had a quick browse through the doc’s seems good.
I have one client that requires custom functionality is an App the best way to go or is there a different solution.



You could always reach out to the freshchat support team at to see if the current functionality can be customized to suit your needs prior to building one yourself. But outside of the normal customization, a custom app is a good direction to go in my opinion. Just depends on your use case.