Solution Articles API returns an article with draft description

Hello everyone!

I’ve created a solution article and published it. So after that I’ve made some changes on this article and I didn’t publish it, then the Freshdesk created a draft.

But we’re facing a weird behavior here:
When I get this article through the API, it returns the article with status 2 (published) but it returns the draft’s description.

Did you guys facing this issue before? If so, how did you solve it?

Thank you!


Hi @omarcelo,

I’m able to reproduce the issue. I will report it to the Freshdesk product team.
I will keep this thread updated on any updates.

Hi @Raviraj,

Please let me know when you have some updates.

Thank you!!

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Hey @Raviraj

Any news about this topic?

Hi @omarcelo,

This issue has been acknowledged as a bug by the respective team. But, we do not have the timelines on when it will be fixed.

If I have any update on the timeline for the fix, I will update here.