Solutions Article: Incrementing thumbs_up & thumbs_down programmatically


We’re looking to build a knowledge base section on our website. We plan to use Freshdesk Solutions as our CMS, but we do not want to use their pre-built knowledge base website (the one that they provide by default). We plan to use the available REST endpoints to fetch the knowledge base categories, folders and articles.

Couple questions:

  1. I do not see an endpoint to update the following fields: thumbs_up, thumbs_down, hits. When using the included knownledge base portal Freshdesk provides, those fields get updated automatically when a user views the article or clicks the thumbs up/down buttons. Is there a way to manipulate those fields through a REST endpoint?

I do see endpoints to fetch articles and another one to update an article, but those fields are not included in that endpoint.


Hi @alexg313,

Welcome to our developer community! :tada:

The fields, thumbs_up, thumbs_down, and hits are not available to update via API. I will take this up as a feedback to the Freshdesk product team.

I will update this thread upon any information on the feature request or if this fields are avoided intentionally for any reason.

Thanks @Raviraj.

It would be very useful if these fields were included in the API. It seems odd that the API allows to build out a full solution but without these (very) useful features.



Are there any updates to this? I am also looking for a way to update the thumbs up/down on articles.

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@Andreas_Runnhagen No updates yet. Keep watching the product updates for any changes to the API.
I will again ensure to pass this request to the Freshdesk product team.

Definitely a good addition as the voting buttons in Freshdesk disappear and never appear again when article feedback tracking for agents is enabled. See tickets 8457769 and 9617166.