SSO APIs for Freshservice

Hi There,

We are trying to integrate HRMS with Freshservice, where the authentication will be handled in HRMS.

What is API URL for SSO authentication?
What are the parameters and format for the SSO APIs?

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Hi Srini,

The article has details about how to implement SSO for freshworks. We support the following protocols:

  1. OAuth 2
  2. OIDC
  3. JWT (OIDC implicit)
  4. SAML 2.0

Based on the protocol that HRMS supports, you can find the details in the above mention article.

Please feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance.



Hi Rubha,

thank you for your response. :smiley:


Hi Rubha,

I have some additional queries,

  1. Please Share the JSON format to be used for Freshworks. Also please send the URL for the API.

  2. Please share the response format from Freshworks for the SSO

  3. Kindly provide API documentation for SSO. (we already have the SSO process document)

  4. Where we will be storing details such as Client ID and Client Secret in DB

In SSO process of Freshervice, how do we join the variables, name, secret key, email and time stamp before performing the HMAC-MD5? Do we separate them with a comma or do we concatenate them without space between each? We are referring to this URL: Single Sign On / Remote Authentication in Freshservice : Freshservice