SSO OAuth2.0 Idp Configuration


I am a developer, I am new to Freshservice, we are trying to integrate SSO with another CRM.

I read the document at URL: Freshworks support

My concept when a button clicks on a third-party application it should log in to Freshworks seamlessly using SSO Method.

For the above, I am gone use the OAuth 2.0 as given above link. I can understand the Client ID and Client secret these IDP will provide.

here is my question.
1)What is the URI for making SSO Request to a Freshservice?.
2)What is the JSON format to send to the Freshservice while Requesting SSO login. …??

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Mani K.


Hi Mani,

Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community :slight_smile:

Freshservice does not act as an IdP. It is a service provider, which integrates with other IdP. The SSO configuration document you have linked to is about allowing users to log in to Freshservice application using an external IdP.

If I understand your use case correctly, you will want to perform some actions on resources in Freshservice when user in a third-party CRM app clicks some button. To do this, you should consider calling the Freshservice REST API from the other CRM.

The “Authentication” section in the REST API docs mention how you can authenticate HTTP requests to the Freshservice API. You can either use an API key based authentication to call the API. Or, you can have the agents provide their username and password to use “basic authentication”, which is difficult if your Freshservice logins are done through SSO.

Please let me know if this helps, or if my understanding of your use case is way off. :slight_smile: I will be happy to assist further.

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Hi, yes,

You are correct, I am acting as IDP and I provided the details in the OAuth configuration.

Sorry, i am not told you convince way.

My Concept: there is CRM which users are using, in that CRM we have a button to click and login to Freshserivce.

Now. That Freshservice login we want as SSO with OAuth2.0 protocol.

Q) Now when the user clicks on the button. what URL I have to redirect and what data I have to send to the Freshservice for login automatically without user interaction.

Can you clarify my doubt or my process is wrong…??


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Hi @Mani.kadiyam,

I suppose, The URL you are looking for will be generated within org security settings. You have to open -> security -> SSO login with OAuth 2.0

It appears like URL looks something similar to<RANDOM_NUMBER>/callback

So when the user clicks on the button, you have to redirect to the above URL and data that you need to pass is mentioned in this article under ‘Params to be Shared’ section.

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