Stakeholder dont see all the information from a onboarding form

After the initiator has completed the form and has entered some information in the paragraph field and submitted, the stakeholder will receive the form to complete additional information, but he will only see the first 6 to 7 words that were in the paragraph field and not everything. This is a bug which is very disturbing as I can’t go live with the form right now I hope this bug can be fixed as soon as possible.

Here are some screenshots to make it clear…

As you can see, I’ve put quite a bit of text in the paragraph field here.

As you can see I have now submitted the form and it will now reach the stakeholder.

As you can see you only see the first words this is very important information that can be used

I hope you come up with a solution.

Thank you in advance!

Yours sincerely,


Good Day! Welcome to the community

can you please elaborate on this issue? On which screen you are getting this? and is it related to the app? or related to the product page?


On the 3rd screenshot you can see on wich page; After the initiator has completed the form, it will be sent to the stakeholder to fill in additional information. It’s about fresh service service desk. And like you can see you only can see the first 4 words…

Seems like this is not related to the platform issue, and more likely to be a product issue,
I would request you to create an L2 ticket on the same by sending an email to


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