Storing JSON in custom object

Hi Team,

I’m working on an application which would enable agents to view a custom report for each ticket.
So these custom reports are created whenever the ticket gets created and updated.

I am planning to save each row in the report in json format. Please find the below example
[{ "test_1" : 1, "test_1" : 2, "test_1" : 3}, { "test_2" : 1, "test_2" : 2, "test_2" : 3 }]

I would like to store them in custom objects but since there is a possibility for any number of tickets to get created. I would like to know is there any way to store them in custom objects without reaching 10k records limit.

Is there a way to store JSON in custom objects with 100kb limit.
Thanks in advance

Hello Mohammed,

  • You can store the json after applying JSON.stringify to it as a paragraph which supports upto 2048 characters
  • Currently, we don’t have the restrictions of 10k records. We will update the developer documents. Thanks for pointing it out.!

Hi @Chandiramouli_Ramach ,

Thanks for answering my queries.
Because of the 10k records limit i had thought of storing in json so that i could store more rows. Since there is no limit i’ll use records instead of storing in json.

Please do update the Freshdesk documentation. Due to this constraint of 10k records i previously had opted not to use custom objects on multiple occasions.
It’s a powerful feature for our developers to build apps with :blush: Thank you

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