Subject or Description Update Event

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We want to listen for Subject or Description Update events in Freshdesk & Freshservice. It seems there is no event available in Serverless product events and Event methods.

Could someone help us find the solution for the mentioned events?

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We do not send these events to the apps. I will convert this into feedback.


@arshath.h - Can you please help with a broader use case where this might be helpful to you?

It will help us justify to our product teams.



In Freshservice, when a user edits the subject or description, the activity is added saying the subject or description changed by the user.

But the customer wants to keep track of what is updated in the Subject or Description. If we have any events available from Freshservice when a Subject or Description got updated, we can grab the old data and add it as a private note on the respective incident for clarity.


This would be a great addition to the list of product events in my opinion! Up Vote!! :+1:

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