Super Noob asks for help to set up Google Cloud Functions

Hello everyone!
I’m not a developer, but as a challenge with myself I’m trying to switch my automations from Zapier to Google Cloud Functions.
I thought this would have been easier, but clearly I was wrong :smiley:

The problem I’m facing now is, starting from the typical “Hello world!” function, how do I do a GET request to freshsales (eg. to get a specific user) in node.js, in the Google Cloud environment?

Thanks to anyone who can help (I’ve watched thousend videos but I’m even more confused!) :pray:

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Hi @GiuliaCordua,
Good Day! Welcome to the community!
please find the below sample for writing the code in node js Env,
this sample is for Freshdesk, you can use the same for Freshsales.


Thanks a lot Santhosh!
I will try this today :smiley:

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