Sync Contacts and Companies to External Application

I want to send updates on Contacts or Companies to an External application (our CRM).
My problem is that I don’t seem to have the appropriate events for that at this moment.
There is the Product Events, onContactUpdate and onCompanyUpdate, but they don’t trigger on all fields. Only on 2 fields of Company for example.
I can also make an app on a client-event, but those only seem to be available for some ticket events.

How can I sync a Contact to an external application onUpdate (save-button)
and how to do the same for Company?

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My understanding is that if you use the onContactUpdate() product event, any time a change is made to the Contact information it triggers the event. And with an appropriate event listener, the callback will contain the payload with those changes. You can take that information and should be able to send it to your third party solution in some fashion. But I am pretty sure that it doesn’t matter what field is changed, If there is a change and it is saved it will trigger the event.

These actions are what was listed in the freshdesk SDK documentation for the Product Event.

The following contact update events are supported:

  • Contact details changed
  • Contact deleted
  • Contact blocked
  • Contact whitelisted
  • Contact tags added/updated/deleted
  • Contact activated

@Niek_Knijnenburg As @Zach mentioned, the contact update and company update event should get triggered for most of the fields change. If you could be be precise about which field change you’re looking for, we might be able to help you by testing it on our own.

If they are custom fields, they might have some behavior differently. Anyway, let us know to advice better.

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Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

Like I stated in my original question, I had found the Product Events.
And now your answers state “pretty sure” and “should…most fields”.
I don’t know what your connection to Freshdesk is (user, developer, CEO) but I can’t build production code based on responses on a forum stating something different from the documentation and/or assumptions.
Even if the Product Event now seems to work on all fields, I would like to see that reflected in the documentation, so I can be sure of support when it doesn’t.

I will ask Freshdesk support directly and I will test also.


Hi @Niek_Knijnenburg,

In onContactUpdate event, other_emails and avatar fields are not part of the fields changed list. The unique_external_id will be shown in the fields changed. But, it is available only from estate plan and above.
All the other fields do trigger the event.

In onCompanyUpdate event, The health_score, account_tier, renewal_date, and industry fields are wrongly named as string_cc01 (health_score), string_cc02 (account_tier), datetime_cc01 (renewal_date), and string_cc03 (industry).
Apart from these, all the other fields do trigger the event with proper names as per the documentation.

The above mentioned issues in both the events are reported to the relevant product team to fix them. The remaining changes will be updated in the documentation. Also, when the fix goes live, those fields with issues will also be updated in the documentation.

Thanks for reporting issues on these events.

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