Sync project tasks to 365


Freshservice support directed me here to request a new feature.

There is a calendar for agents in Freshservice. It shows project tasks, changes, ticket tasks etc.

You can sync this calendar to Outlook (365), but only for incidents and changes. The project tasks that appear on the internal calendar simply don’t sync to Outlook.

Can this be added?

Also, can we see a roadmap of planned features for Freshservice?

Thank you


Also would like to add to this request the ability to utilize Azure DevOps as a DevOps Integration for Project Management in freshservice. Being able to leverage the entire Microsoft ecosystem would be a major benefit and reduce context switching for companies who rely so heavily on MS products for business applications.

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Are you referring to the calendar on the route: ?

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Yes that’s the one. Filler filler filler.

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I am sure then support may have directed you to the incorrect forum. On this forum, usually, developers have development queries about apps they are building, and we try to help them out. But based on what you’ve asked, it appears like a feature request, as you rightly called out.

However, it’s hard that your request would get the attention it deserves on this forum. Hence I would like to encourage you to post it on Freshworks users forum here:

If you can also share the link to the support ticket by sending me a private message, I can also inform the support agent so that something similar will not happen in the future :smiley:

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