Tabs from icon in full page app FreshDesk


I want to build a full-page app with two tabs like the picture below. I want when users click on the icon, they’ll have two options. Is there any way to do that?

Nhat Nguyen

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Hi @Nhat_Nguyen

Interesting use case. However, I don’t think we have such capabilities for now.

@shravan.balasubraman can correct me if I am wrong

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There is no way to do it via client.interface object . However, you can do this through Freshworks Crayons Library’s select-option component.

Write the options html inside a div container, place it near the app icon through css (with display:none) and programatically show it if the app is initialized (app icon gets clicked).

function openOptions() {
// Programatically open crayons select options (or any other similar UI component) using `display=block`
}'app.activated', openOptions);

Hope this works!