The react execution issue

We want to execute react code in freshworks crm but it doesn’t work .
Do you have any idea to fix this.


Thanks for reaching out to the Freshworks Community.
Can you add some more details to this? The following info might help us solve the issue better.

  1. What error are you getting?
  2. A code-snippet to reproduce the error.
  3. How are you executing the code?

Any screenshots would help.


Hi @Taha_DAFALI ,

In dev mode, if you are trying to run a full-page application on fresh sales CRM it won’t work.

Full-page apps only work once installed as custom apps.

Rather than you can execute react application in Freshworks CRM.

For creating a react app follow the below steps

fdk create >> freshdesk >> your_first_react_app.

And please change the product name in manifest.json from freshdesk to freshworks_crm.

Hope this helps.