There was an error during installation

I am getting the following error in Freshdesk when I try to install a custom app. This is straight after the install button has been clicked. The spinner spins for a while and then the error appears.

The custom app installs fine on other instances. Its just on one customer’s instance. Nothing obvious in the inspector. What does this error message mean?


Can you please share with us the HAR logs to debug further?


Hi @Santhosh

Will do.

Hi @RobAtOpinyin / @Santhosh ,

I do not see any further comments on this thread. Is this still open? Would you require further assistance on this?


Hi @Thakur_Ganeshsingh

We took it over on to a private message. I am just testing something @Santhosh has suggested and will update the thread once we have solved it.

Thank you for your responses. Marking this as resolved.

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