Third party api's responding more than 6 seconds

I am integrating and FreshService for the marketplace app. Here, the Monday webhook API response time is more than 6 seconds, Find a screenshot below (time: 6.79 sec on the top right corner).

Can I use the other options to make an API call here instead of the request method? (In this place, we are making an API call to create a webhook for Monday’s board. (We are not exposing the Freshservice credentials in the API call.)

Otherwise, is there any workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @team,

Is there any update on this?

Hi @balanagendra ,

First things first, Welcome to the community !

So basically when we use Request method from Client side the time limit is only 6 seconds if the response is not received within this , then ultimately the request method will throw timeout error.

Fortunately, we do have a workaround for this we can make use SMI for this and SMIs have timeout limit of upto 20 seconds.

Read more about the SMI from here and also check out the sample app provided in the same.

Happy developing!

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Hi @Jayanth_Kumar

Thanks for your response.

If I am using the request method inside the SMI, the request method still has the 6-second limit, and any way the request method returns a timeout error,

Is my understanding right?


Is the SMI 20-second limit going to apply to the request method if I use the request method inside the SMI?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @balanagendra we are also looking to build an internal integration with I am struggling though with the process flow of registering the webhook with Monday’s api. How are you managing the response containing the “Challenge” token that needs to be sent back to Monday to authenticate the registered url? Currently I can generate the URL, send the post request to Monday inside of the onAppInstallHandler, but then since the response I get back from Monday doesn’t seem to have the data I need. Any guidance, I would greatly appreciate the help.


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Currently, Freshworks won’t support sending any custom payload in response to External Event. So, we should have a middleware layer to respond to Monday with the expected payload back and pass the Monday response to the Freshworks External Event. @balanagendra also used this workaround.


@Raviraj @zach_jones_noel

Is there any option to increase the request method timeout for a particular app or API Request?

Yes, @ajithr

The timeout of the app can be increased for an app. It cannot be increased for a particular API endpoint. It can only be done at the app level and applied to all the APIs.

Please request in the dev-assist portal to extend it to 10 seconds.