Ticket description missing in data method in Freshservice for Service Request

In Freshservice, I have an app that runs on the ticket details page.

  • I use the data method to fetch the ticket details as defined here.

  • The fetched ticket object lacks the value for description and description_html only when the type of the ticket is a Service Request.

  • Here is a screenshot of the missing values.

  • Here is a screenshot of the Service Request ticket that clearly contains a description.

  • When the ticket is of any other type, there are no problems with the description and description_html values. In this screenshot, the description and description_html are populated for a Major Incident.

Request you to fix the issue in the ticket data method for a Service Request.

Arun Rajkumar

Hello @arunrajkumar235 I agree that this is an issue, but frankly it is just misleading. The reason you don’t see description in the response body is because that description is a part of the “Requested Item” information. So its an issue in two respects. First, the description of a ticket when it is a service request is not populated when the service request is created. If you go in the UI and edit the ticket, you can add a description, and that value will then be available in your API call. Second, we have an API endpoint to get the “Requested Items of a Service Request”, but that response also is missing a description property.

So yes, some work needs done here! I feel your pain.

Hi @arunrajkumar235,

I get that it’s an issue in this perspective, as @Zach also confirms. To clarify the same with the product team, I have raised a support ticket (#15535762) on behalf of you. I will post the summary here post the discussion.

Summary of the solution for this issue:

  • The description shown in the screenshot is that of an asset item. It’s not the description of the service request ticket. The ticket description would be available in the ticket properties section if added.
  • One can fetch an asset through API and use the asset description. Refer to the documentation for the View Asset API.

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