Ticket Due by property customization

Hi Community.

We have a customer that needs to view ticket due by at any ticket status.

When a ticket is open you can see the due by date, but when you change the status to pending or resolved, you will see: x amount of seconds ago where the status was set.

Freshworks has an app on the marketplace that makes it possible to manipulate with the due by property:

I can’t find anything on the APP developer Sdk to do the same or imitate the behavior. Since we would need to not only have the first response due, but also the due by date which exists on the ticket.

Since the app is free, why could the source code not be shared as open source?

Anyone has an idea to manipulate with this field?

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Hi @JonathanHojtoft,

It is not possible to update the Due By property with any publicly available Interface Methods.
The app that you have mentioned might be using any private undocumented Interface Methods that is not recommended to use for the other apps.

Anyway, I will pass it as a feedback to the Freshservice product team to consider making the Interface method to make it possible for all the apps.

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