Ticket_fields permissions required?

What permissions are required for a user to view ticket_fields?

I’m making a call to: https://{{domain}}.freshservice.com/api/v2/ticket_fields

but receiving the following:

    "code": "access_denied",
    "message": "You are not authorized to perform this action."

Other calls to list tickets and departments work without issue.



Hey @jstott,

Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! :tada:

Please refer our documentation, where access to view ticket fields is available to authorized folks who can view ticket fields or create a new ticket.

Note: The agent whose credentials (API key or username/password) are being used to make this API call should be authorised to either view the ticket fields or create a new ticket.

Also, this API is deprecated as of June 20th, 2020. Suggest you to use the new API - v2/ticket_form_fields.