Ticket first response identification


I am building a custom app for freshdesk.
I need to check if first response has been sent yet or not for a specific ticket.
How can I do this programatically?


Hi @syedm ,

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Hope you’ve already gone through our SDK docs. You can use the data methods in the ticket details page to get all the relevant details of the ticket. You’ll get information related to first response, current status, when it’s closed etc.

The one you’re looking for is first_responded_at may be.

Reference for the same - Data Methods

Sample payload:

  "ticket": {
    "attachments": [],
    "cc_emails": [],
    "company_id": 1,
    "created_at": "2017-04-12T06:05:56.000Z",
    "custom_fields": [{
      "custom_number": null,
      "custom_line1": " "
    "description": "<div>Some details on the issue ..</div>",
    "description_text": "Some details on the issue ...",
    "due_by": "2017-04-15T06:05:56.000Z",
    "email_config_id": 3,
    "fr_due_by": "2017-04-13T06:05:56.000Z",
    "fr_escalated": true,
    "fwd_emails ": ["ram@freshdesk.com", "diana@freshdesk.com"],
    "group_id": null,
    "id": 25,
    "is_escalated": true,
    "priority": 1,
    "priority_type": "Low",
    "product_id": null,
    "reply_cc_emails": [],
    "requester_id": 12,
    "responder_id": null,
    "source": 1,
    "source_type": "email",
    "spam ": false,
    "stats": {
      "agent_responded_at": null,
      "closed_at": "2017-04-19T08:39:41.000Z",
      "first_responded_at": null,
      "pending_since": null,
      "requester_responded_at": null,
      "resolved_at": "2017-04-19T08:39:41.000Z",
      "status_updated_at": "2017-04-19T08:39:41.000Z"
    "status": 5,
    "status_type": " ",
    "subject": "Requesting refund",
    "survey_result": null,
    "tags": [],
    "to_emails": [],
    "type": null,
    "updated_at": "2017-04-19T08:39:41.000Z"

Hope this helps. Thanks

Thanks for pointing out solution @mariappan

@mariappan is this possible to do via APIs?
I am actually trying to achieve this in a background app.


Hi @syedm ,

Yes, you can achieve the same with APIs. You can use the the ticket details end point as follows to fetch details including stats /api/v2/tickets/[id]?include=stats. This would return ticket’s closed_at, resolved_at and first_responded_at time

Reference - Freshdesk

Hope this helps, thanks


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