Ticket mandatory field "select from data source" option

Hi Team,

In our custom integration, we need to update the ticket with all the mandatory fields using API. On the setting page, the app collects the default value for each mandatory field in the instance. Recently we need an additional option for the dropdown “select from data source”. Here we can’t find the possible option or data source details in ticket fields list API where another type has an option value in Dropdown.

Is it possible to find the option value for “select from data source”, so that the app will list the options for configuration?

Data Source Fields payload in Ticket Field API
“id”: 8000332851,
“label”: “test data source”,
“description”: “”,
“field_type”: “custom_multi_lookup”,
“created_at”: “2022-07-20T08:28:46Z”,
“updated_at”: “2022-07-20T08:28:46Z”,
“position”: 54,
“required_for_closure”: true,
“name”: “msf_test_data_source”,
“default_field”: false,
“required_for_agents”: true,
“customers_can_edit”: true,
“label_for_customers”: “test data source”,
“required_for_customers”: false,
“displayed_to_customers”: true,
“belongs_to_section”: false,
“choices”: ,
“nested_fields”: ,

Hi @Communiteq
Are there any updates on this issue?

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