Ticket_top_navigation button not working

I tried to look at the sample applications but they will not run because their version is out of date for the current FDK.

I am trying to use the ticket_top_navigation location to place an icon on the top navigation bar. When I click the icon I want the system to open a modal window with some information in it. My problem is that I cannot get the icon to trigger anything in my app.

How does one set up an application to do this?

When are the samples going to be updated to work with the current FDK?

Hey @IanAber,

Here is the Freshdesk sample app which demonstrates ticket_top_navigation with platform 2.3.

For modal, you can use the Interface method -

await client.interface.trigger("showModal", {
        title: "Sample Modal",
        template: "modal.html"

Whenever the app is initialized.

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