Tickets events don't wait to user interaction when user use a modal. Get text of cancel button doesn't work

In freshservice there is a thing called modals, which are windows that appear to the user with a message and two buttons. These modals can be used at any time such as when an event happens on the page.

Following the example you have in github, we have encountered the same problems that we have in the custom apps we are migrating.

The problems are:

  1. When the user clicks on the close button, a modal should appear to tell them if they really want to close the ticket or not. And the modal appears for a second and hides without giving the user the option to use it.

  2. If we use this type of modal to prevent the user from updating the ticket or to warn him of something when he wants to update the ticket, the modal appears but it does not cancel the action if the user hits cancel.

  3. If we want to get the text of the button clicked as it is described in the documentation, it should go to the then block but instead, it throws an error. Here is the snippet got from the doc:
    client.interface.trigger("showConfirm", {title: "Sample Confirm", message: "Are you sure you want to close this ticket?"}) /*"title" and "message" should be plain text.*/ }).then(function(result) { /* "result" will be either "Save" or "Cancel" */ }).catch(function(error) { // error - error object; });

All these features I described above are working properly in Freshdesk, so from my understanding should work on Freshservice too.

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