Tickets get created by admin account and not agent

when creating tickets via the API, it always says the ticket was “created by” the admin account, and not the agent that is logged in. Is there something we can do about that?


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This is due to the Admin API key being used when installing the app, and the same is used for creating the ticket, but currently, we don’t have a provision to make an API call based on the agent’s API key.

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Very well, thank you for the response.

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Regarding your question - There are certain endpoints, which allow to set a specific user_id (e.g. Reply to ticket).
This would allow to do things via API in another users name.

Does not help in your specific case of creating a ticket, but maybe helps in another usecase.
This comes with a small caveat though - You can’t set a user_id of an agent, where you are not allowed to assume this agent’s identity (e.g. supervisors).