Timeout and payload size limit issues when fetching all the ticket conversations for attachment details

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The issue regarding about attachments manager application.

large conversational thread for the particular ticket which has 100+ conversations and Multiple attachments to it. In the worst-case scenario if the particular ticket has more attachments it will breach the API limit, response size exception and timeout error.

Screenshot for your reference,


@balanagendra, The app needs to implement batch processing to stay within timeouts and rate limits. Can you let me know what specific help you need from us on this?

Hi @kaustavdm,

Could you please arrange a call with the developers to discuss the attachment management application?

Regard issue:

attachment management application is took more than 5 secs for getting the response from the fresdesk api. The default response time is 5 secs. you can find in the below attachment.

Our customers are facing this issue. How we can take it forward to resolve this issue

@balanagendra There’s no API available in Freshdesk to fetch only the attachments. The whole conversation has to be fetched to find the attachment details.

Except for batch processing, no improvement can be made, which will increase the app’s required per-minute rate limit.

@balanagendra, I cannot understand your exact query, my apologies for any assumptions below. Can you please describe the problem statement in detail here? Let’s try to keep the discussion on the forum. We can decide to get on a call if we cannot solve it on the forum.

Specifically, I need information on the following to help you debug:

  • Details of the HTTP requests the app sends to the Freshdesk REST API that result in the timeouts
  • The payload size the app expects to handle
  • How often is this data accessed

SMI timeouts can be configured for higher limits in the app’s manifest.json, depending on your use case. If you hit frequent timeouts using Request Method, you can use a 3rd party HTTP client from serverless functions instead.

P.S. I see that Spritle is listed as the developer for the app, and it looks like you are from Spritle. As such, the respective app developers provide support for apps on the marketplace. We can only help you with specific implementation queries.