TimeoutOverflowWarning: 2591958605 does not fit into a 32-bit signed integer

Hi Team,

we are developing a freshworks paid app we facing a issue in scheduled event. The work flow is we are trying to create monthly schedule so we created a one time schedule to perform specific task after it’s execution we creating another one time schedule with same name to trigger next month by this we can execute monthly schedule.

if i created a schedule to run at 09/06/2023 11.00 am after it’s execution new schedule is registered to 09/07/2023 11.00am but it’s not working for us.

my initial schedule is triggered on time after it’s execution it’s throw an error and creating a schedule continuously for every second and my onScheduledEvent callback triggered for every second

the error message is TimeoutOverflowWarning: 2591958605 does not fit into a 32-bit signed integer

here i format the date of next execution

This is my code to create schedule

This is the logs from server

Thank you

Hello @Raviraj

I find something related on this we cannot give more than 24 days to run a scheduler because milliseconds of above 24 days exceeds a integer value limit so i get this TimeoutOverflowWarning error.
can anyone help me on this?

Hi @Kithiyon

When it comes to scheduling events for local testing, there are limitations on the duration. As a result, it is not possible to create a schedule for a long duration. We recommend that for local testing, you opt for a shorter interval of time.

However, in the production environment, you have the flexibility to create schedules according to your specific requirements.

cc @Raviraj

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