Timer logs start with negative value

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One of Our Marketplace applications (Auto Timer App) in Freshdesk behaves differently to a customer,

EX: When a ticket is created, and the agent views the Ticket.

In the above scenario, our app starts the ticket timer using the data method,
The timer starts with a negative number.
We suspect the data method was not working properly.

Kindly verify this case and update us.

refer to this video for more info (Timer Issue - Recording.mp4 - Google Drive)

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can you please provide some more additional information, such as HAR logs and console logs if any for the data-method call?


Hi @Santhosh,
Here we attached the HAR logs
Kindly check and update us.
authbridgecare.freshdesk.com.zip (1010.5 KB)

Good day!
I had investigated the logs and Found there is some issue with the product, i.e the value which you are getting from data method is from the product, I requested the product team to verify this case.
Kindly allow us some time to debug further.


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I had checked with the product team and asked to create a L2 ticket on the same.

kindly write your query to support@freshdesk.com to get it solved

You can reference to this thread if needed.


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Hi Venkatesh,

Can you please let us know if this issue is still happening for the newly created tickets? Or was it just a one-time thing that happened to just one ticket?



We are not sure about the issue is still occurring or not
and this has to be answerable by the AuthBridge team.

Kindly connect with the AuthBridge team to know about the issue.