Token not found in freshchat api

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I am using freshchat’s free account. (
All api calls are giving token not found error. I have given authorization Bearer token from Postman and set my API key as the token. Please help…

Hi @Darshil_Patel ,

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Could you please share the request details or postman collection showing how are you accessing the method to take a closer look?


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There are multiple ways to use Freshchat API → you can use this API if you know the region,
i.e (refer to these for more reference) :point_down:
Freshchat API Token not working 400 error
Domain to be whitelisted for Freshworks products APIs - #5 by Raviraj

if you know the standalone Domain name of Freshchat :point_down:
I think you need to use

if you are using inside Freshsales & Freshsales Suite domains.

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@Santhosh @Thakur_Ganeshsingh mine is freshchat’s trial account. The url has myfreshworks

in it. So which url should I hit for API.

Try one by one and find the right base URL - US - EU - IN - AU

All of them giving same error

Hi @Darshil_Patel ,

Could you please try using API Key as shown below

curl --location 'https://<domain>/crm/sales/api/contacts/26002993564' \
--header 'Authorization: Token token=<your_api_key>'