Token not present error in client account

Hi Team,

I have a report from the customer facing while using zendesk marketplace app in their account.

Token not present

I had look one reference topic in the forum

i have seen in the network tab issue causing with freshchat API calls, in our account not facing that kind of issues it might be region API issues

Can you please help how to avoid this error?

Seems like this is an API region issue,
you need to validate the token with the API in the Iparams page, there is no way to find the region automatically in Freshchat, so you need to do it manually by checking each region and store that region in Iparams and use that across the app.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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Hi @Santhosh,

Thanks for your response. Can I know where I can change the region in will be helpful while testing

Hi @Tejasri_Kalluri ,
you are not able to change the region by default,
you can able to choose the region only at the time of account creation.


Thanks for the clarification. I have used this URL( in my code but works fine in both the US and IND region and it didn’t well in the EU region don’t know why it worked in the US region.


Please find the API which is used for each region. - US - EU - IN - AU

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