Tracking code to track third party app blog pages from Freshwork CRM


we are facing problem is that we haven’t find any tracking code of javascript that can be used to track Drupal pages. i want to embedd tracking code inside head tag of pages title so i can able to track drupal pages from freshwork CRM

Secondly, in drupal we have forms if we click submit button then it has to create contact or update if that contact already exist. i want here to display Drupal Integration Custom event inside contact timeline(Recent Activities) activity and also i want to show url of form submitted page inside contact timeline(Recent Activities) of Freshwork CRM.

Thank you


Hi @Sivaranjani_Vasudeva,

Were you able to find the tracking code for Marketing on Freshworks CRM under

Could you please create a separate topic for the second request so that one problem context is discussed in a thread for clear communication and to help future visitors better?