Trigger serverless app based on certain filters

Hi @kaustavdm,

We would want to trigger app only for certain cases (like for time triggers or for certain users). Is there any way to put filter on serverless app triggers?


Hi @Awaneesh_Kishore,

Today we have triggers for Serverless apps for product events / schedulers / app events can you give more context as to what kind of triggers or filters on triggers that you are looking for and the use-case this would solve?

Hi @zach_jones_noel,

Currently, we are storing ticket related data in our database. We have configured Automations for agent replies & customer replies are passing through our service (& getting stored into DB) then to Freshdesk. We wanted to capture Time Trigger Automation events as well. For this specific use case, we wanted to create serverless app. And since app will get triggered for all ticket creation events, it’ll add duplicate data to our DB. We are trying to avoid that.

How can we do it?


Another use case we have is that we want to not trigger app for certain ticket creation (the tickets which are created by an external service).

@Awaneesh_Kishore, To achieve this today, add your own filtering logic in the event handlers. Here is a pseudo-example of what you can do:

function doBusinessLogic(inputs) {
  // The actual action to be performed

exports = {
  onTicketCreateHandler: function (payload) {
    if (someCondition === true) {
    // Add similar conditions
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@kaustavdm Upon adding this filtering logic, will the app triggers still count towards 50 requests/min rate limit?

There are no rate-limits applicable to the number of event triggers. The 50 requests/min only applies to usage of Request Method.

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