Trouble in installing custom apps

Hi Team,
Iam facing issues while installing custom app… After pressing on install button, it checks oAuth then Iam unable to see the iparams installation page and also the app is not listed in the custom apps tab. Here I will attach few screen shots that happen after i press the “install” button from the get custom apps page.

. Thank You

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As new users are restricted to upload one image in a post… I upload it as a reply

I get back to this screen after the oauth is over

Hi Team,

FYI: The same issue we are facing in the Zoho CRM APP as well.


Hi @Manigandan_Ravi ,

First of all, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

We are able to reproduce this issue and we have found an issue at our end. We are working on a fix and it might a week to be fixed since it is involved in multiple product side and multiple regions.

I will keep this thread updated with regards to the status of the fix.

@KTP, It is the same issue. Please keep an eye on this thread for the updates.

@Manigandan_Ravi @KTP
This issue has been fixed and the apps OAuth authorization can be installed or updated now.

Thanks @Raviraj for helping to solve, it’s working as expected.

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