Trying to publish custom app | unable to do it

I am trying to publish my custom app on the developer portal. I am unable to do it.

It says “Publishing in Progress” and in a few seconds it goes back to the draft mode.

Can someone please help me?

Got this error

Hello @Adarsh

Can you share the URL for the app details from the app management portal. If possible you can also share the har file

Freshworks Developers

Hi @adarsh

If there is any issue with app deployment then app will be moved to draft state. Your application had the following error during deployment hence it was moved back to draft state. Refer below for the error

    "context": {
        "uuid": "c2771d85-ee1d-4f39-817e-10dc5e4d338a"
    "level": "error",
    "msg": "NPM installed failed with \"{\"error\":\"cld@2.8.1 install: `node-gyp rebuild`\\nExit status 1\",\"status\":\"failure\"}\"",
    "timestamp": "2022-07-05 09:45:36.665",
    "uuid": "c2771d85-ee1d-4f39-817e-10dc5e4d338a"

Hope it helps. Please reach out for further queries

Mughela Chandresh

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There is an error during deployment as @Mughela_Chandresh mentioned trying to install an npm package. Can you try to redeploy and confirm if this persists? Also please confirm if you are able to test it locally using fdk. If you cant redeploy the app successfully please try to use a lighter npm package in place of cld

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Seems like cld module might be a heavy npm module. As @shravan.balasubraman mentioned please use a lighter npm module in place of cld package

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