Trying to send a confirm modal when a tickect is open

Hi, everyone.
I’m trying to send a basic modal confirmation every time a ticket is open, i found * ticket.propertiesLoaded.

at the moment i achieved send de modal confirmation when in the side bar clicked the app name, but really isn’t that i need, how can i implement that a event occurre when a ticket is open?

current code

hey @saenzjulian

do you want to open a confirmation modal as soon as a ticket details page is opened? is my understanding correct?

If so could you try the ticket_background app location? that might help you to show the confirmation dialog as the page load without opening the app in the sidebar.

Hope this helps!

Stay Safe :slight_smile:

it`s work for me, thank you so much

Hi! @velmurugan

Currently achived send the modal confirmation when the properties are loaded, but, following the console in web browser i find that when spend time in give a respond, some like a “request time” expire and the buttons in the modal stop working.

in documentation i found the timeout request is 10 seconds Interface methods but i need extend this time for the agent to respond indepently of time.

This is my function to send the Confirmation.
function modal

If the agent respond in less than 10 seconds send a console.log(“WORKING”)

but if it takes more than 10 seconds:
error in console