TTL feature is not working as expected - (Sporadically)

Hi Team,

Using the TTL feature in the datastore method, App uses to capture the status into this datastore from the backend, either every 20 seconds once or when the agent does manual refresh from UI.

Also, The app using this datastore on full-page app load, to read the status for displaying it.

App Name: Bulk Ticket Upload.

Creating App DB from front end script.

DB Update script from server side.

Delete script to remove the server side

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Hey @KTP

Could you please reiterate the actual issue which is being faced in the DB feature?

Is the TTL not applying or is it working with different values than expected?

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Sometimes, the TTL feature is not working and due to this, The app DB alive after 10 min from the process initiate.

If the DB is alive then we won’t let the agent access the APP. (it is to limit the application to avoid the multiple processes running at the same time)

Due to this issue, App looks struck on the same page.

This is due to a bug in the platform. We are trying to get it addressed as soon as possible.


@KTP This issue has been fixed. TTL expiry should work fine now.

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Learnt from @KTP that the same issue has resurfaced again.

Hi Team,

Any update on this issue? Is this resurface, because of the new FDK version ?


Hello KTP,
Can you please help us understand the scenario better. What are the action you are performing in sequence ? We tried the same from our end and things seems to be working as expected.

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