TypeError: Cannot read property 'location' of undefined

Hey guys!
Running a new app using the “your_first_app” template without change anything and accessing a ticket, I get the error: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘location’ of undefined”. It started after updating the FDK.
FDK version: 7.5.1
Node: v12.22.6

Logs attached.
fdk.log (11.7 KB)

Hi @samuelpares

Thanks for sharing the report, The log file attached doesn’t seem to have the error and we are unable to reproduce it as well. can you confirm if you are still getting this error?


Yes, I’m still getting the error, even on new FDK release 8.0.0 using node 14 lts.
My coworker is getting it too.
But it does not prevent us from developing or testing.

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