UIflow - Unable to get response of the API request in JSON


I tried for fun post a dad joke in a side bar app using uiflow. I can’t see the how the request is done but to me the settings looks ok.

The data I get back is the HTML and not the JSON.


You have to pass “Accept: application/json” in the header. It should work.

Hello @adarsh

I tried to add Accept: application/json in the Header field like this but it doesn’t save it.
If I click on the State tab and back to Action the headers fields are blank. I tried with “” as well still same.

I am unable to find the documentation for UIFlow. Can you try this out?

‘Accept: application/json;’


‘Accept’: ‘application/json’


{‘Accept: application/json’}


why didn’t I think of using JSON

{'Accept': 'application/json'} worked great



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Awesome. Glad I could help. :blush:

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@danielsoderlund @adarsh The documentation for Uiflow Studio is available at Freshworks - Uiflow

We keep expanding it with more information.

Thanks for exploring it yourself and helping. :slight_smile:

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