Unable to Access the Nested Sub Categories in Solution's using the API

Hi, I am currently working on solutions in Freshdesk and want to use the APIs of the solution to create and manage articles and solutions. I have noticed that I am unable to find the API to get the subfolder and articles present inside the folder of a solution. Alternatively, if I know the ID of the sub folder then I am able to pass the ID and get the subfolder and article. It would be great if you could help me by making me understand how to get the subfolder and its article.

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Yes, please support the above query I am also facing the same issue.

@kaustavdm Could you Please Help us Regarding this Problem.

Welcome to the community @Deepak_Chakravarthy
To fetch the list of sub-folder under a folder, you can do GET on /api/v2/solutions/folders/{{ folder_id}}/subfolders

To fetch the list of articles under a folder or a sub-folder, the GET article list API can be used - /api/v2/solutions/folders/{{ folder_id}}/articles