Unable to change the From mail id in forward event and reply event

We have developed a custom app for group based email configuration. On app activate based on the group we will selecting the configured email from iparams.js.
if customer clicks forward or reply button we will be using “client.interface.trigger(“defaultApps”, { id: “commonEmailAddress”, value: eventObj })” method for
setting the From email address. For all the ticket it is working properly but customer report a ticket in that ticket “client.interface.trigger” could not able to set the email.

Hi Ajay,

Can I get a few more details on this? Can you share the browser error logs that you encounter in the above use case? A screen record would also be useful for understanding what goes wrong.


@ajay This is an internal API that got exposed, I think. It’s not available in the developer documentation.
Please find an alternative way to achieve the app use-case to fix the issue.

Freshservice product team is working on a public interface API to modify from and cc emails. We are not sure about the timelines yet. Keep an eye on the announcement category for an update.