Unable to clone Tutorial Repository - Introduction to Data Storage and Request Method


Was in the mood to learn some more about using the Freshworks Data Storage methods. I selected the Introduction to Data Storage and Request Method Tutorial found here and was not able to clone the github repository for the starter code. Doesn’t look like this repository exists any longer. Could you please advise which tutorial I should take to focus on this functionality. And it looks like the Tutorial documentation will need to be adjusted.

Thank you and Take care!!

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Thanks for bringing this up, @Zach. I checked and found 3 issues:

  1. The repo exists, but it is private
  2. Its default branch was master which was not merged with main. I have done that.
  3. While the tutorial suggests there should be a ./Start/ and a ./Completed/ directory, I found that it currently has only the ./Completed/ directory.

@Saif Can you make this repo public?

The tutorial definitely needs updating because the code was last updated in early '21. @tejakummarikuntla if you have bandwidth, can you help polish the tutorial?


I made the repository public for now.


Thanks for sharing about this @Zach, I see a bit of a miss alignment between the tutorial and the repo.
Sure @kaustavdm , I’m adding this to our task list.

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@Saif @kaustavdm @tejakummarikuntla I knew I could count on you guys!! Let me know if you need anything further from me :grin:

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