Unable to complete oauth flow with `neto`


Iam going to integrate with neto.
Client ID and install endpoints using to successfully authorized.

Here is authorize URL:

https://apps.getneto.com/oauth/v2/auth?client_id=<%= oauth_iparams.client_id %>&redirect_uri=http://localhost:10001/auth/callback&response_type=code&store_domain=domain.neto.com.au&state=123

I got access code in responce, but returned Invalid State in UI.

Here is response:

Neto provide token URL that needs to be client ID ,client secret, redirect_uri, grant_type and access code.

Here is token URL:

https://<%= oauth_iparams.domain %>/oauth/v2/token?client_id=<%= oauth_iparams.client_id %>&client_secret=<%= oauth_iparams.client_secret %>&redirect_uri=http://localhost:10001/auth/callback&grant_type=authorization_code&code=access_code

How can i send access code in token url.


Hi @Karuppu_Samy,

Are you still facing this issue? Since it’s been a delay, I was wondering if we could be on any help.

I am assuming, neto isn’t sending back the state variable that is sent in your Request as you shared in the screenshot.

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Hi @Karuppu_Samy ,

Hope you were able to solve this. Feel free to share the solution(s) that worked. Let us know if you would require any assistance :slight_smile:

Since it’s been quite some time we haven’t heard back from you…

We are closing this topic assuming that you were able to accomplish what you are looking for. If you need further assistance, please create a new topic on the forum. If needed, you can cross reference this topic.