Unable to create service request by API

We are unable to create a service request from a catalog item.

We have reviewed the documentation at:
note: sorry for the spaces in the url, it indicated only allowed to use 2 urls

it shows that we need the “item_id” for submitting a request. what is not documented is WHERE to get the item_id. is this just the catalog id or some other ID?

when we retrieve an existing manually created ticket we see 3 “ID”

    "requested_item":  {
                           "id":  25000816737,
                           "service_request_id":  25010108683,
                           "quantity":  1,
                           "created_at":  "2020-02-25T14:58:01-05:00",
                           "updated_at":  "2020-02-25T14:58:01-05:00",
                           "remarks":  null,
                           "from_date":  null,
                           "to_date":  null,
                           "location_id":  null,
                           "item_type":  1,
                           "requested_item_values":  {
                                                         "Date Required (minimum 2 weeks from request date)":  "2020-02-28T00:00:00+00:00",
                                                         "General Comments":  null
                           "stage_name":  "Requested",
                           "catalog_item":  "My Request v2",
                           "item_display_id":  79

here are the 3 id’s.
“id”: 25000816737,
“service_request_id”: 25010108683,
“item_display_id”: 79 <-- this is the catalog item in the base “URL”

when we submit our request:

      "item_id":"25000816737", **<-- this is the id we are not sure where to obtain**
          **our key value pairs**

to the url: /catalog/request_items/79/service_request.json

we simply get the not useful response:

    "status": false,
    "error_code": 400,
    "errors": "Requested Item detail is not present"

note: we tried all 3 IDs and it didn’t work for any of them.

searches for this error show past community discussions but they were never answered.

Hi @Justin_Marshall_dsg,

I could not get what item_id would be pointing to as well from the documentation. I will discuss with the internal product team to understand this item_id attribute and will post the answer here soon.

@Justin_Marshall_dsg The API documentation is missing as to where [item_id] has to be fetched from.
I will report it to the internal team to properly update it.

In short,
[item_id] can be obtained from API (View Item Details For A Particular Item)
catalog_item: {
“id” : 27000193815,
“display_id” : 32

NOTE: id of the above json is the [item_id] to be used in

In Detail,

To create a Service Request, user must know the following.

  1. Catalog Item details - to which he is gonna raise request
    Get the Catalog Item details by hitting the correct URL

  2. Note down. “id” and “display_id”

    catalog_item: {
    “id” : 27000193815,
    “display_id” : 32

  3. Go to create service request API

Replace [item_display_id] by ‘display_id’ of step 2.
Replace item_id by ‘id’ of step 2.

We were able to succesfully create a service request! thanks for the help.


Thanks for your confirmation @Justin_Marshall_dsg! :slight_smile: