Unable to deploy dist file in caller in Windows

Hi Folks,

I faced this issue while deploying a custom app in Freshcaller, even dist file is in zip file showing this error, unable to deploy a custom app, can you tell us what is an issue, how to proceed to deploy an app

For reference please go through this video link: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/B8ge7VdyZsfhXiuPWLE33n?

Thanks in advance,
Tejasri Kalluri

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Is it possible to share the app zip file here?

We are able to reproduce the issue. This is specific to Windows OS. We are working on it as a priority.

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Hey Tejasri,

Can you confirm if you packed this using fdk pack command?
fdk pack usually packs it with mime-type application/zip

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Hello @shravan.balasubraman,

I used fdk pack command

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@Tejasri_Kalluri We rolled out a fix for this. It should be working fine. Thanks for your patience :pray: